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An overview of our courses

Our courses range from introductory level workshops to highly advanced programs with very strict entry requirements.  Some are extremely comprehensive and designed for people who want to become highly skilled at NLP.  Others are aimed at addressing a specific need in life or business and are generally run over a period of only a few days.

Here are the primary courses offered in Australia on a regular basis:

A Touch of Magic

‘A Touch of Magic’ is a two and a half day entry level course exploring some of the most practical and powerful applications of NLP that you can put to use  in the real world – on a day to day basis – straight after finishing the course.

On a personal level, you’ll improve your ability to manage and control your mental and emotional states, achieve your goals, make better and wiser decisions, and respond more resourcefully to things that challenge you.  Interpersonally, you’ll improve your ability to connect with people, recognise subtle nonverbal cues and communicate both more clearly and more influentially.

This course is open to anyone who would like to come and learn some great skills, and is also a prerequisite for attending the  NLP Practitioner  program.

Prerequisites: none

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NLP Practitioner

The NLP Practitioner program is a comprehensive training program in which you will develop all of the skills, knowledge and capabilities of a well trained practitioner of NLP.

In the course of a few months you will become a masterful communicator with the ability to manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours with consummate ease … and with a set of highly versatile and powerful skills for creating significant and lasting change in yourself and others, anywhere and any time.

Plus, as a consequence of developing these skills … you will develop a much greater understanding of yourself, others and human relationships.

Some of the main themes of this training are self mastery, insight and respectful influence, and we explore and develop each of these things in great depth.  Much of the time is spent on gaining experiential insight into your own social, emotional and behavioural patterns, developing deep competence in the core skills of NLP, and applying those skills to your own personal evolution.

You’ll develop greater self awareness and emotional intelligence as you deepen your understanding and appreciation of the different ways in which people (including yourself) think, behave and communicate, allowing you to create and sustain more harmonious and productive relationships with others.

You’ll find yourself becoming more adaptable and more naturally influential, and you’ll find your confidence increasing as you develop exceptional mental and emotional resourcefulness and learn to harness much more of the power of your unconscious mind.

And you’ll find yourself examining and challenging many of your beliefs about yourself … and about learning, communication and change … and you’ll find that many of those beliefs start changing in positive, surprising and transformative ways.

In addition, this program is of particular value to people who occupy roles in which they want or need to help others grow, change and develop more of their potential.

As such, the NLP Practitioner program constitutes very high value professional development for coaches, managers, counsellors, teachers, health and wellness practitioners, and professional facilitators.

Make no mistake, you will be learning a wide range of highly powerful methods of facilitating change effectively in individuals and/or groups, as well as in oneself.

You’ll learn how to create significant and lasting change in behavioural patterns and relationship dynamics, neutralise emotional triggers, dramatically reduce self sabotage and procrastination, and create robust and consistent strategies for peak performance.

You’ll also discover how to change deeply ingrained habits of thought and behaviour, facilitate harmonious and productive agreement between parties with competing agendas, and dissolve limiting perceptions that keep people stuck where they are …

… among many, many other things.

Prerequisite:  ‘A Touch of Magic’

And do please be advised:

Participants who complete the full NLP Practitioner program will have had over 250 hours of face to face experiential training with hands-on personal coaching and feedback at every step of the way.

This is one of the most thorough and comprehensive NLP Practitioner programs available anywhere in the world, as well as one of the most unreasonably rigorous.

If you’re after a quick and superficial way of getting yourself an NLP Prac certificate, you’re in the wrong place.

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Prac, baby!

This is our flagship program – where the real magic happens.

On successful completion of this program, you will be an NLP rock star. Seriously – you’ll be among the best in the world.  I won’t even go into the kinds of things you’ll be able to do, because you probably wouldn’t believe me.  Suffice it to say that you’ll have some crazy brain-fu skills going on.

I pride myself on producing world class NLP rock stars, and this is where it happens.

Consequently, there are very strict prerequisites for this program.  If you have trained elsewhere, take a look at this page to find out what they are.

Don’t assume that any piece of paper declaring you an NLP Practitioner is going to get you through the door, because in the vast majority of cases it won’t.

Course dates for 2021

A Touch of Magic

January 15-17

April 23-25

June 18-20

Additional dates TBC

Please note that each of the sets of dates above represents a 2.5 day period, which consists of a Friday evening followed by full day sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

NLP Practitioner

July 22-25

August 5-8

August 26-29

September 9-12

Sep 30 – Oct 3

October 21-24

November 11-14

November 25-28

Please note that each of the sets of dates above represents a 3.5 day period, which consists of a Thursday evening session followed by full day sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The NLP Practitioner program is a 28 day program which consists of all eight of these sessions.  Optional extra evening sessions may also be offered from time to time.