Empty Handed NLP

Adapt and improvise with ease and expertise.

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably done some NLP training in the past.  Maybe recently.  Maybe a while back.  And it’s very likely that you got some great value out of the experience.

You probably dropped some limiting beliefs.  Changed some patterns that weren’t serving you.  Improved your ability to connect with people.  And you probably developed a lot more control over your emotional state and your responses to circumstances and thoughts that used to ‘trigger’ you.

And you almost certainly met some like-minded people, and may have made some close friends.  Some of those people may even still be among your closest friends today.

And you’ve probably used your skills to make a positive difference in the lives of others:  friends and family.  Maybe colleagues.  Maybe clients of yours.

And all of that is awesome.

And aside from certain skills like rapport, and calibration, and state elicitation – and aside from certain models like the meta model or the Milton model – you probably learned a bunch of ‘techniques’.  And you probably learned them as step by step procedures:  a specific sequence of actions for you to perform.

You may even have had a script.  A special set of magic words …

But people don’t always follow the script.

And things in the real world don’t always go the way they do in a training room (or the manual).  Hell, sometimes life just throws you a curve ball.

You’re trying to do some trance process with somebody but their three year old keeps tugging on their shirt to get their attention.  Or maybe their English isn’t great and they’re just not responding as expected to your magnificent language patterns.  Or maybe you’re all set to run the fast phobia cure until you find out they can’t visualise because they have aphantasia.  Or they have a phobic response to seeing images in their mind …

Or maybe the environment just doesn’t seem conducive to what you had in mind.  Maybe you’re in a board meeting.  Maybe somebody just put you on the phone with a relative in another country where a bomb just went off a block away and they keep getting distracted by the shouting and sirens.

(I’ve been there, by the way – and let me tell you, there ain’t no script.)

So what do you do when things just aren’t so straightforward?

Well now that you mention it, there’s a course you may find quite useful.  It’s called ‘Empty Handed NLP’, and there’s a story behind the name.  Check it out:

Why ‘Empty Handed’ NLP?

A story of magic, hypnosis, unhealthy amounts of coffee and a television script writer called Cassandra Carter

Improvisation in NLP

Christopher Guest movies and the key to improvising like a virtuoso rather than, say, a talentless hack

Not a professional or aspiring agent of change?

Well fair enough.  Not everybody who takes an NLP training is (or wants to be) a coach, facilitator or therapist.  You may have learned NLP purely for personal development, or to increase your effectiveness in whatever it is that you do.

And if that’s the case, and you got scripts or learned a whole bunch of procedural techniques … then you’re probably sitting on a goldmine of incredibly high value resources that you may never have realised were available to you!

Because in spite of the fact that they are presented almost exclusively as a way to facilitate some specific kind of personal change in yourself or with someone you’re working with as a coach or therapist, almost every NLP application pattern is an incredibly versatile process for achieving certain classes of effect in the world.

And when you can see the structure of a pattern, it’s easy to see lots of ways it can be used very effectively for lots of different purposes in a wide variety of contexts:  mediation and conflict resolution, helping kids learn, facilitating organisational culture change, training horses.  The possibilities are endless!

Empty Handed NLP:  some more of the who, what and how

Some of the key concepts and differences that most NLP courses miss today … and a bit of backstory

How NLP got so procedural in the first place:  one of the major factors

… and a message for new NLP Trainers:  give yourself a goddamn break!  (and keep learning)

So if you’re curious to discover just how much more value and potential can be extracted from some of the things you’ve learned in the past to increase your effectiveness both in the work you do and the world around you, then you might want to clear your calendar now so you can join us for this special event.

‘Empty Handed NLP’  is an eight day deep dive into learning to work far more flexibly with the core structural elements from which NLP patterns are built – leading to greater personal artistry, more confidence in applying NLP patterns in new and different contexts, and a greatly increased capacity to improvise on the fly … regardless of any inconvenient, challenging or unusual variables that may present themselves in the moment.

So if you’re a Trainer, Practitioner or Master Practitioner of NLP who would like to significantly enhance your ability to adapt and improvise with both ease and expertise, then this is for you.

Course dates and details for 2019

Orange County,

May 29 – June 1,
then June 4 – 7


(Registration is now closed for this event)

Edinburgh, UK

October 12 – 15,
October 17 – 20


(Registration is now closed for this event)


Please note that this course is only open to NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers who have successfully completed a live, in person NLP Practitioner training of no less than five days’ duration*

Online trainings and NLP Practitioner trainings of less than five days’ duration do not meet the criteria for entry into this course.

*Practice outside class time and time spent watching or listening to audio or video material before or after the training do not count towards this total.

Ok, just book me in already!

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