“Mind blowing.”

– James Tripp _ “Fundamentally changes the way you view the world.”

– Sammi Tucker _ “Mind blowing.  Just a phenomenal awakening.”

– Mike Begala _ “My mind is spinning.  Wow!”

– Carlos Casados _ “All I can say is:  Mind.  Blown.”

– Jason West _ “There’s nothing like this in the world.  It’s just fucking phenomenal.”

– Rafael Lopez _ “Just incredible.  I am just blown away.”

– Dannie Hoffmann _ “Truly game-changing.”

– James Tripp _ “I cannot recommend this more!”

– Tina Fox _ “This training is the shit.  This is the shit right here.”

– Rory Oleson


Learn to SEE into their world, then STEP into their world …

… to connect, engage and lead them from the inside.

“James’ understanding and insight into human nature and behaviour is just extraordinary.”

–  Michael Christon

“This is seriously high-value material taught exquisitely.  Truly game-changing.”

–  James Tripp

“This is the course I wish I’d done when I first came across NLP.   And had I done it then, I’d be considerably more adept than I currently am.”

–  Adrian Reynolds

Let me tell you a story.

I know I’ve been blessed. 

When I started learning NLP, I flat out struck it lucky – and it wasn’t until many years later that I came to fully appreciate just how fortunate I had been.  Because as much as this story involves much of my own personal experience, it doesn’t start with any amazing discoveries on my part. 

It pretty much starts with me blindly stumbling into the path of a guy by the name of Roger Deaner – an extraordinary teacher who later became my most influential mentor.

Now, since you’ve probably never heard of him before, let me paint you a picture.  First of all, there was a great big gaping generation gap between us.  The guy was old enough to be my dad.  As he liked to put it, he was “chronologically advantaged.”

Secondly, although he was an expat who had spent close to half of his life in Australia, he was incurably British in certain regards.  Called the rest of us Aussies ‘colonials.’

Thirdly, he was one of the most sensationally skilled NLP Trainers that I’ve ever seen. 

And let me tell you, I’ve learned from quite a few people – including all of the creators of the field, several leading ‘name brand’ developers and a couple dozen others.  He was unquestionably a master of his craft.

So it was the late 90s and I had just started learning NLP. 

And here was this guy, and there was just something about him.

It’s not just that he had some great NLP skills.  It went further than that.

No, not further – deeper.

He seemed to have an almost supernaturally deep insight into the core of human nature and human relationships.

And I’m not talking metaprograms and neurological strategies and submodalities – you know, all those fantastic and jargon-infested ways of dissecting human experience. 

Did he know all that stuff?  Sure.  Hell, the guy was an NLP rock star.  But there was always something beyond that:  a profound understanding of people – all kinds of people – and their deepest needs, yearnings and motivations.

He just fundamentally got people. 

And not just intellectually.  Anybody can spout references to stuff they found in a book somewhere.  It’s like it was in his bones.

And this translated into some extraordinary skills:

He had a gift for knowing exactly what kind of shift in consciousness was needed to dramatically change someone’s experience – and how to make that happen.

He had an almost scary ability to completely ‘nail’ what someone was thinking – and to change how they thought about it – before they ever said a word.

Where lots of folks are great at getting on with people, he had an effortless knack for getting in with people, which is a whole different kettle of fish.  And he could get in with anybody – from blue chip CEOs to angel intuitive therapists to ‘rough as guts’ ex-cons.  All social worlds were open to him.


… and I won’t even tell you about some of his other crazy psychic ninja skills, because you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway.

So throughout my time with Roger I learned a lot about NLP, but I learned a lot of other stuff as well. 

Because it turned out that much of his magic came from the fact that he had made a study of what a person’s body can tell you about their values, beliefs and attitudes – and how to use your own body as a gateway into totally different ways of experiencing the world.

And I’m here to tell you that what he came up with was sensational stuff.  It was nothing short of a revelation.

… BUT …

The bastard was so intuitive by this stage that he only ever mapped the most basic elements of this extraordinary discovery.  Just the simplest and most obvious stuff.  And human beings can be complex critters sometimes.  You may have noticed.

So even though he was effortlessly adept at understanding and dancing with those complexities, he never explicitly mapped a way of navigating them.  And between you and me, that just bugged the hell out of me.  This stuff was way too valuable not to develop further!

So I rolled my sleeves up and spent the next few years refining, developing and extending what he had started.  And the result is Spiral Somatics.

And I’m still going.

In all the years that I’ve been exploring this stuff I still haven’t found the edges.  The implications of this material are profound, and the applications are flat out endless.

… and I totally understand that “endless” doesn’t really give you much detail.  So how about I just go ahead and give you the low-down on just a few of the ways in which learning this stuff can make a serious difference in your world – and in your business.

I’ve trained with some fantastic people, but James’ craft is just next level when it comes to facilitating the embodiment of profound skills.  I’ve not actually seen anything like that from any of the people I’ve trained with in the UK, or even the US.

For all you who haven’t trained in Spiral Somatics – take the opportunity if you get it!

This is seriously high-value material taught exquisitely.  Truly game-changing.

James Tripp,

Personal change specialist, consultant hypnotist and creator of Hypnosis Without Trance and the No-Fail Protocol





Asset #1:  ‘Getting people’ (including yourself) at a deeper level to make stronger and more meaningful connections

James’ understanding and insight into human nature and behaviour is just extraordinary.

Along with such NLP masters as Richard Bandler and John La Valle, James Tsakalos is one of only a few people who I can say without reservation have blown me away with their unique combination of tremendous skill and profound insight.

Michael Christon,

Maverick entrepreneur, business alchemist and creator of Mind, Body and Sold„



You’ll develop a much deeper ability to truly “meet people at their model of the world.”

Because most of the time, the best people can do is to acknowledge someone’s model of the world, try to understand it and offer validation from the outside.

With Spiral Somatics you can develop an immersive, full-body appreciation of their world very, very fast – and congruently inhabit it yourself so that you are meeting on their turf as an insider rather than a benevolent outsider.

You’ll also develop a much greater awareness of how your own model of the world is perceived by different people:

“Would that God, the gift he gi’ us to see ourselves as others see us!”

And with any luck, you’ll discover that what you think of as ‘common sense’ is just an indication of your perceptions in this moment and that people in a different space hold completely different things to be ‘common sense’ and self-evident.

And you’ll know what kinds of things the person in front of you considers to be self-evident and ‘common sense’ right from the word go.

Plus … you will be able to congruently shift your own beliefs, values and behavioural traits easily and quickly by accessing and becoming cosily familiar with all of the potential models of the world that are already inside you.

Because it’s not that you have a single model of the world yourself – you actually have lots of different ones, but most of them are locked away where you don’t usually see them.  And when you know how to access them, you can very quickly and easily bring them back into play when required.


“I had already studied NLP before, but this just blew my mind.”

From the moment we finished the course I witnessed an amazing difference in the way that I practise, in the way that I build relationships with my clients and, very importantly to me, in the way that I was able to serve my clients.

On a daily basis I deal with people who all have different needs and different values.  But not only that, they also have a different way I can serve them in the best way possible for them to get fantastic results.

If somebody had told me earlier that there was a way to be able to look at people and just by observing their posture and their physiology I would be able to recognise what’s important to them, what’s closest to their heart, as a chiropractor I would have been pretty excited!  And even though nobody told me about it, that’s what Spiral Somatics turned out to be.

After doing Spiral Somatics I was able to really get in touch with the core of each person straight away.  I had already studied NLP before, but this just blew my mind.  This isn’t just about instantly identifying a person’s values, it’s about really understanding them as well.  It’s about really ‘getting’ that person.  And that’s a very, very powerful thing for us to be able to do to help us serve our clients better.

S.B., Chiropractor


“Probably the most useful thing you can learn if you work with groups of people.”

The thing I’ve found most useful about using Spiral Somatics in a training environment is getting a grok of a room:  a quick visual of what’s going on.  Just by looking at how people are sitting and acting in a room you can get an idea of what’s important for them.

At a glance, you can see when most of the people in the room have a particular set of values and others in the group have a different set of values, so whatever you’re training, you can adjust how you’re going to present it for that particular mix of people.

And it also gives you a way to bring in the isolated people in a group as well.  So where someone’s set of values is slightly different, you can actually deal with that, engage them, and bring them along for the journey.

Because we don’t just stay in the one set of values – none of us do – which is why this is so valuable for training.  It allows the trainer or facilitator to adopt a different set of values for this session with these people.

And I think that is enormously powerful because if we think about learning, it’s not about what the trainer does, it’s about what the learner does, and how they take things in depends on what they value.

I think Spiral Somatics is probably the most useful thing you can learn if you work with groups of people.

Barbra May, Learning and Development Manager



Asset #2:  Developing powerful, subtle and effortless influence

I admire James Tsakalos’ exceptional ability to influence the people around him.  I really believe this is someone you want to hook up with if you want to do better in this arena.

James Lavers,

Persuasion expert and creator of the Mass Influence and Lazy Coach Way programs



Imagine knowing their ‘hot buttons’ the instant they walk in the door – before they even say a word – so that the very first words out of your mouth are exactly what they want to hear.

Just take a moment to think about the powerful first impression that makes.  They know straight away that you get where they’re at.

And you’ll also know – in advance – what kinds of ideas and suggestions someone will be responsive to, and which ones will bomb or backfire.

And you’ll know the leverage points that will be effective in having someone make change, take action, shift their perceptions, etc

And you can establish and maintain great rapport … without doing anything as cheesy as mirroring.


“For a couple of years now, my conversion rate once I get to sit down face to face with somebody has been over 98%”

Having had a background in professional sales and marketing over a number of years, I’ve found that the difference since doing the Spiral Somatics training with James has been really quite dramatic.  It’s been the difference between trying to convince somebody of something and them just naturally finding that it’s obvious for them to make that decision on their own behalf.

The effort has really gone out of all of my sales interactions.  I feel so much more comfortable and natural now, and my clients don’t feel like they’re being sold to – they can just see the obvious benefits of buying what I’m selling and come to that decision all by themselves.

You could think of Spiral Somatics as an incredibly powerful tool for building rapport – but it’s really so much more than that.  Because building rapport kind of implies some level of artifice – like you’re making an effort to connect with that person in order to persuade them of something – whereas Spiral has really just allowed me to actually inhabit that person’s universe without really trying to.  I can just connect with people much more easily now without even really thinking about it.

And that’s the beauty of the way James teaches, because he kind of teaches you in a way that programs you to just use this stuff automatically without having to think about it or consciously remember it much.  So even before I completed the training I just started noticing that I was acting a little bit differently in certain situations, and that people were suddenly saying yes to me a lot more.  And I couldn’t figure out why, really – life just became easier in a lot of ways, especially professionally.

For a couple of years now, my conversion rate once I get to sit down face to face with somebody has been over 98%.  So it pretty much doesn’t happen these days that I get in front of a client and don’t make the sale – and I put that down to my training with James.

I’ve seen the profitability of my business increase by over 100%, and I’ve seen my own personal sales interactions really become a lot more pleasurable, a lot more easy, a lot more effortless, and a lot more effective.

It’s been very awesome.

Raphael Bender, business owner


Next thing you know, this guy was bouncing out of his skin and just could not wait to say “I’m the guy you’re looking for!”

Hi, I’m Richard.  I go out and meet people everywhere I go.  I get their name, I get their number, and then I call them at a later stage to pique them for business.

Learning Spiral Somatics has been very beneficial.  Instead of having to work hard to get someone’s attention and grab their focus – when you can just say the first thing that comes out of your mouth and they like it and they’re engaged?  That has been an asset, to say the least.

Like just recently:  I was out for a couple of drinks with some friends, and I saw this guy across the room.  And just instantly, just seeing him – his movements, how he was behaving – without conversing with him at all, I knew he was very entrepreneurial, very open minded and would be perfect for what I’m looking for.

So I just happened to go over (he was in a group of people), and just instantly engaged him.  I built instant rapport, went to where he was, and just started talking.  You know, just the normal stuff.  What do you do, where do you live – all of that.  And he asked what I do.  So I said I’m a recruiter.  And then he starts asking questions.  And because I knew I wanted this guy’s name and number because he was going to be perfect, all I had to do was just say things I knew would appeal to him.  Next thing you know, this guy was bouncing out of his skin and just could not wait to say “I’m the guy you’re looking for!” and just give me his name and number.  It was just beautiful!

This stuff has so many applications for business.  Even with groups, you can just talk to each individual person from a different angle – you just go into where they’re at and just say something you know will appeal to this person, and then that person, and then BANG – you just have the whole group engaged instantly.

So yeah, it’s been pretty exciting stuff to learn!

Richard S, professional recruiter



Asset #3: Knowing just how and where to nudge people in order to bring about self-sustaining change

James Tsakalos is one of the most principled, dedicated and skillful NLP trainers in the world today – and someone who moves the field forward by refining and developing new and powerful additions to what we do.

If I were anywhere near James when he was training, I’d be there.

Simple as that.

Michael Perez,

Professional change worker, hypnosis trainer and creator of the Neuron Code



You’ll be able to see your clients in 3D.

What does that mean?  For starters, it means that everything is contextual.  The beliefs, values and perceptions that someone holds depend on the context they’re in – people, places, tasks, topics, etc.

And it also means that when you know what to look for, you will be able to tell when and how their beliefs, values and priorities shift – and to what, exactly.

So you’ll know that Bob does A, B and C internally when you’re talking about managing staff, but that he shifts to doing X, Y and Z internally the moment his attention goes to the subject of negotiation, for example.

And you’ll learn the art of getting real, fast – because there is often a difference between what people say (or what they think) is important to them and what is ACTUALLY important to them.

And people often do things based on their perception of what they think ‘should’ be important for someone like them, even when it’s not something they congruently value.

So if they’re not congruent, you’ll already have a pretty good idea about what is genuinely important to them – and be able to cut through the bollocks straight away and help them move in a more useful direction.

Plus … you’ll be able to get a pretty good picture of the likely behavioural, mental and social strengths and weaknesses of the person in front of you, very quickly … and that means you can leverage this knowledge to tailor your tasks and interventions for maximum effectiveness.


“It’s made my work, especially belief change within my clients, really easy.”

I’ve found Spiral Somatics extremely useful, both personally and professionally.

As a neuropsychologist I deal with a lot of clients that require belief change, and I find Spiral Somatics immensely useful for that.  Knowing what to say to someone to get them to change their behaviours – being able to speak to what they really want, and changing behaviour from that perspective – has made my work, especially belief change within my clients, really easy.

Things just happen smoothly.  Relationships build quickly and easily.  Spiral just makes everything easy!

Dr Judy Tang, Neuropsychologist


… the applications really are endless.

So if you’re already imagining the long reaching effects you can expect as a result of becoming more effortlessly influential – as well as being of greater and more genuine service to the people around you – then come and join us.

Because this training isn’t just going to be about learning some useful new additions to your professional toolkit.  It’s also going to be a revealing, personal exploration of the diverse and fascinating ways that people go about being people.

Plus:  crazy ninja mind skills.


James has done more to realise the promise of NLP’s utility in real world social dynamics than any other so-called NLP developer I’ve come across.

Where some go to conferences and proclaim that they’ve modelled the ability to put together a decent winter wardrobe, to use one tiny sad example of where this liberating and pioneering technology has gone, James Tsakalos has created a body of work that has day to day implications across all contexts involving interaction.

Adrian Reynolds,

Professional wordsmith and creative change specialist






Course dates and details


Los Angeles,

Feb 20 – 23, then
Feb 27 – Mar 2, 2019


2495 USD


Mar 21 – 24, then
Mar 28 – 31, 2019


2495 AUD


Jul 1 – Jul 5, then
Jul 8 – Jul 10, 2019


95,000 INR

Las Vegas,

Feb 20 – Feb 23 and
Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2020


2495 USD


May 7 – May 10 and
May 14 – May 17, 2020


95,000 INR


Oct 8 – Oct 11, then
Oct 15 – Oct 18, 2020


1695 EUR



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