Master Prac:   prerequisites


So every now and then I get enquiries from people who have trained elsewhere – and have heard about my NLP Master Practitioner program.

And people generally know that I don’t let just anyone into Master Prac.  I need assurance of a certain depth and breadth of skill and expertise first.

The reason for this is that Master Prac, for me, is about people developing a depth of skill that is truly world class.  I’m not interested in anything less.  So one of the reasons we can get there is that we hit the ground running – and we go hard.

So I don’t let anyone into Master Prac if I’m not certain of their ability to keep up with both the depth and pace of learning.

And it’s easy for me to make that kind of assessment with my own students, because I’ve seen them develop and I’ve seen them perform – so I know exactly where everyone is at.

But it isn’t quite so simple with people who haven’t trained with me before …

Fortunately, I do know that there are certain trainers whose students consistently meet these standards, and other trainers whose students consistently  don’t  meet these standards.  And certain patterns are pretty obvious once you do the math …

So here are the prerequisites for entry into my NLP Master Practitioner program:

Prerequisites for entry into Master Prac

Previous completion of a minimum of 130 hours of live, face to face training with one or more certified NLP Trainers, including:

1.   Successful completion of an NLP Practitioner training whose face to face component was no less than 16 days duration

2.   That this training was conducted by a certified NLP Trainer who, by or before the start date of the course, had:


A minimum of three years’ NLP experience


Completed a minimum of 500 hours of live, face to face NLP training with at least three trainers, each from different training organisations, and each trained by different people


Attended in full at least three NLP Practitioner trainings, including attending at least two as either a training assistant or an apprentice trainer


Personally trained with John Grinder or Richard Bandler, or with certified NLP Trainers from at least two separate NLP training organisations who have trained with John Grinder or Richard Bandler

3.   Training in New Code NLP which meets the following requirements:


The training was conducted over a minimum duration of 15 hours


The training included, at a minimum, the following elements:

–  Triple descriptions
–  N-step reframing
–  Stalking (or the Sanctuary process)
–  New Code games
–  The New Code Change Format


The training was conducted by a certified NLP Trainer who learned New Code either from John Grinder, or from another NLP Trainer who trained with John Grinder

Please note:   None of the above is intended as a commentary on the value of any particular course or on the expertise of any particular trainer.

Other trainers of NLP will almost certainly have different standards, and that’s their prerogative.  This is simply an indication of what this little grey duck needs to see before agreeing to let someone into this particular Master Prac.