Choosing an NLP training provider can present a unique and potentially frustrating challenge for a lot of people.  It’s a bit of a bugger, frankly.

Fortunately, for every problem, there is a solution – and this one is actually pretty simple.

The challenge:

Most (but not all) of the testimonials you see from NLP course graduates are seriously flawed.  Here’s why:

Almost everyone will rave about the course they did and the trainer they did it with, and they’ll recommend that course and that particular trainer as excellent … even  if … that course and / or trainer are utterly mediocre compared to other offerings.

Why?  Because if the only hamburger you ever had was a stale McDonalds cheeseburger, it will still be the best hamburger you ever tasted …

The solution:

It’s just common sense, really.

Pay attention to people who can offer an expert, informed opinion, having experienced a wide range of different NLP trainers and NLP courses out there.  Because those are the people who  actually know the difference.

So with that in mind, here’s what a bunch of very well informed people think about the level of training you’ll experience with me:

What the experts say:

“All of James’ NLP Prac graduates are at a level way above any Master Prac graduates that I’ve seen. They are at a way higher level in terms of skill, competence and ability than pretty much anybody I’ve ever met, anywhere on the planet, other than some really high level NLP Trainers.

I’ve not actually seen anything like that from any of the people I’ve trained with in the UK or the US. The people who train with James at prac level end up way better than your average trainer from other schools.”

James Tripp
(internationally acclaimed hypnosis trainer and developmental coach)


“In the past 15 years I have learned with more than 15 international NLP Trainers and I am being mentored directly by NLP co-creator Dr John Grinder, and as a trainer I would definitely rate James Tsakalos at par with Dr Grinder.

James is truly a class apart because of his impeccable skills, down to earth attitude, uncompromising quality standards, and relentless efforts in constantly improving his standards.”

Mohammed Rafi
(leading NLP trainer in India and the Middle East)


“I originally trained as a Master Practitioner of NLP with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in London, and have now retrained in Australia with James Tsakalos – and I would seriously suggest that you train with James.”

Angela Farlam
(NLP trainer and Mind Coach)


“James Tsakalos is one of the most intuitive and gifted trainers I’ve ever met.  I would rate his students’ skills as far beyond the quality most ‘big name trainers’ produce, ostensibly at the same certification level.”

Jonathan Altfeld
(leading international NLP trainer and innovator)


“His understanding and insight into human nature and behaviour is extraordinary.

Along with such NLP Masters as Richard Bandler and John La Valle, James Tsakalos is one of only a few people who I can say without reservation have blown me away with their unique combination of tremendous skill and profound insight – and James’ down to earth nature sets him apart, placing him squarely at the top of that list.”

Michael Christon
(leading UK expert on business applications of NLP)


“One of the very few NLP trainers I truly respect.”

Gabriel Guerrero
(Richard Bandler’s co-trainer for ten years, described by Richard as one of the five best trainers in the world)


“Da guy is good.”

Eric Robbie
(veteran NLP developer described by Richard Bandler as one of the three best NLP trainers in the world)


“One of the best NLP trainers in the world.”

Chris Morris
(former promoter of ‘best of the best’ trainers like Richard Bandler, Gabriel Guerrero and Eric Robbie)


“James Tsakalos is one of the most principled, dedicated and skillful NLP trainers in the world today – and someone who moves the field forward by developing powerful new additions to what we do.

If I were anywhere near James when he was training, I’d be there.  Simple as that.

James is amazing and, in my experience, much better than most folks whose names you’re more likely to have heard of.”

Michael Perez
(internationally acclaimed expert on the neurology of NLP and hypnosis)


“I have experienced a number of NLP trainers in Australia, and I’ve found James to be the one most dedicated to his craft.  Before you do anything about NLP training, speak to James Tsakalos.”

Donna McGeorge
(author, speaker and trainer of superstar facilitators)