First, the official blurb:

James Tsakalos is an internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer and innovator who has been exploring, teaching, and pushing the boundaries of NLP for over twenty years.

An accomplished specialist in the art of modeling expertise, and notorious both for his unreasonably rigorous standards and for going far beyond the limits of what is typically taught on most NLP courses, James is regarded by many well-known NLP experts around the world as one of the best NLP trainers on the planet:  a “trainer’s trainer” in the NLP game.

( Check out what several leading international NLP experts say )

Deeply committed to lifelong learning, he has learned from dozens of the world’s best trainers, including all three of the co-creators of NLP (Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik), several well-known ‘name brand’ trainers, and many brilliant ‘hidden gem’ trainers you’ve probably never heard of.

Having personally introduced a number of new and innovative developments to the field of NLP,  James is particularly well known as the developer of  Spiral Somatics:   a ground breaking method of reading the subtle physiological indicators of fundamental values, attitudes and core beliefs.

Although based in Australia, James regularly runs advanced trainings in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Closer to home, he teaches NLP and some of its applications for both life and business at all levels in his home city of Melbourne, and continues to mentor some of Australia’s best NLP trainers.

And if you want to meet the person rather than the NLP trainer …

I’m a big movie buff, and quite partial to the movies of Joel and Ethan Coen, although on Mondays after training weekends I’ll generally watch a ‘popcorn movie’ to unplug:  action, comedy, science fiction or some combination of those.

Musically speaking I’m a connoisseur of hip hop, although I also enjoy rock, motown and anything with some funk to it, especially if there’s a horn section involved.

And while I don’t follow any sports, I’m very into pool.  I used to play a lot of snooker, but I’ve recently been seduced by a classic American game called straight pool, a once popular game that was knocked out of the spotlight by its more television-friendly cousin, 9-ball.

(Movie buff?  Fast Eddie and Minnesota Fats were playing straight pool in ‘The Hustler’)


I know all the songs from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer off by heart, and I’ve been known to sing along with some enthusiasm.

It’s quite possible that the late, great Terry Pratchett has been the single greatest influence on my thinking about life, the universe, and everything.

And my other coat is a Browncoat.