COVID-19:  the state of play as of January 2022

So it’s 2022 and COVID is still a thing.  So while there are many aspects of life that have more or less gone back to normal in recent times, there are still some things that remain different from how they were before COVID.

This has affected how both my local and international trainings are moving forward – though in different ways.  So allow me to walk you through some of the key changes:

International trainings

While the last couple of years have seen all of my scheduled trainings for the USA, UK, India, Europe and the Middle East postponed until further notice, things are finally looking up!

Fingers crossed, I’ll be in France in October / November to teach Spiral Somatics, and I currently have space for a maximum of one more international training in December – although both of these things are strictly subject to quarantine free travel.

While I look forward to teaching internationally again, due to the number and nature of my training commitments here in Melbourne, any international travel requiring quarantine on either end is off the table, period. 

Melbourne trainings

Now that we’ve moved past the age of endless lockdowns, you can once again come and attend any of our Melbourne NLP courses – LIVE and in person – at our private training venue in Moorabbin!  … although there are a few changes in how we’re doing things, as you’d expect.

For example:  hand sanitizer is available for use at the venue entry and throughout the premises, shared refreshments are out, and all high touch surfaces are regularly disinfected.  We’ll also be asking everyone to check in with our QR code, to wear masks as and when required by state health directives, and to stay home if symptomatic.  All pretty standard stuff these days, as I’m sure you’re well aware by now.

Also:  until the current omicron wave has receded into the past, in order to maintain the safest possible conditions for each participant and their families, we will also be asking everyone to test themselves for COVID before we all spend a few days in an enclosed space with each other …

And as I’m sure you can imagine, after all the disruption of the last couple of years I’ll be focusing primarily on my Melbourne courses for the next little while.  With any luck we’ll all be safely past most of this COVID business some time soon.  Here’s to a brighter future for all of us, both near and far …


James Tsakalos