Strap in and buckle up.

Many things are about to change in your world.  Investing in yourself and your development is the best investment anyone can make … and believe me, you’re about to see some development – in ways you may not yet be able to imagine.

And of course, every good investment is worth protecting.

That’s why you can relax comfortably in the knowledge that this course comes complete with a 100% ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.  And there’s no fine print, by the way.  
No special conditions or anything.  You want it – you got it.  Simple as that.

And I’m totally comfortable offering that guarantee, because I know you’re going to get serious truckloads of value from doing this course.  Which is probably why not a single person has ever asked for their money back in the entire ten years that I’ve been teaching this stuff.

And it’s probably also why I get RAVE reviews for the high level of this training and for the impressive calibre of the people just like you who come out the other side of it.  And I’m not talking about enthusiastic comments from locals, friends and newbies.  I’m talking about serious kudos from some of the foremost NLP experts in the world.

So don’t expect to be doing more of the kind of stuff you did in Prac.

This is the real shit.

Hardcore.  World class.  Leading edge.

So believe me, you’ve made a very good decision here.

So when you’re ready, just pick the payment option that best suits you from the three convenient choices below.

After you’ve chosen a payment option and clicked the big green button you’ll be redirected to PayPal.  I don’t accept any payments here because I am committed to making sure everything is as safe and secure for you as possible – and going through PayPal is the best and most reliable way to guarantee that.

And on a personal note …

This course is my baby.  This is what it’s all about.  The primary reason I teach Prac is to get people to a point where they have enough skills and resources to begin this journey.

And while many of the benefits you’ll get will be things you probably already expect by now, there will most likely be a whole bunch of others that will surprise and delight you.

So I’m really glad you’ve decided to join us for this course.  Because I know that in the years to come – after you’ve seen and felt the countless ripples of positive effects that resonated throughout your life – you’re going to look back on this as one of the absolute best decisions you ever made.

Because this is the course where you’ll discover that ‘developing magic’ is not just the name of my business …

… It’s the nature of my business.

Time to rock and roll.  See you in February.

– James



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At date of checkout$2,495.00 AUD
Each subsequent month ( x 1 )$2,400.00 AUD
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Installment option B    ( number of monthly payments:  4 )
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Each subsequent month ( x 3 )$1,200.00 AUD
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