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Who is this James guy, anyway?

First, the official blurb:

James Tsakalos is an internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer and innovator who has been busy exploring, teaching, and pushing the boundaries of NLP for nearly twenty years.  Along the way he has learned from dozens of the world’s best trainers – including all three of the co-creators of NLP (Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik), several well-known ‘name brand’ trainers, and many brilliant ‘hidden gem’ trainers you’ve probably never heard of.

Having personally introduced a number of new and innovative developments to the field of NLP, James is particularly well known for his work as the modeler and developer of 'Spiral Somatics':  a ground breaking method of reading the subtle physiological indicators of fundamental values, attitudes and core beliefs.

An accomplished specialist in the art of modeling expertise, and notorious both for his uncompromisingly rigorous standards and for going far beyond the limits of what is typically taught on most NLP courses, James is regarded by many well-known NLP experts around the world as one of the best NLP trainers on the planet – a “trainer’s trainer” in the NLP game.

Although based in Australia, James is regularly asked to teach in the UK, US, Asia and continental Europe.  Closer to home, he teaches NLP and some of its applications for both life and business at all levels in his home city of Melbourne, and continues to mentor some of Australia’s best NLP trainers.




And if you want to meet the person rather than the NLP trainer ...

I'm an avid moviegoer and I really don't cook, although I enjoy food immensely. Some of my favourite foods include butter chicken from Roti Boti in Hampton and fresh churros with liquid white chocolate on the side from San Churro in Fitzroy. And good popcorn - which is a definite factor in my being such an avid moviegoer.  Unfortunately though, while I like popcorn, it seems popcorn doesn't like me.  This is one of a number of things I've recently learned about my body and how it responds to things ...

I'm a great admirer of Joss Whedon and Terry Pratchett - geniuses both, who are shaping the minds of people all over the world in wonderful ways. I tip my hat to these magnificent men. Metaphorically, that is. I don't actually wear a hat. But if I did wear a hat, you can be sure that there would be tipping going on. Probably even doffing.

My tastes in music could be described as mildly eclectic, although I generally favour anything with some funk to it, especially if there's a horn section involved. Also, I know all the songs from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer off by heart - and I've been known to sing along with some enthusiasm.

While I don't follow any sports, I'm very into pool - and I'd like to open a pool room some time in the next few years. I used to play a lot of snooker, but I've recently been seduced by a classic American game called straight pool, a once popular game that was knocked out of the spotlight by its more television-friendly cousin, 9-ball.

(Movie buff? Fast Eddie and Minnesota Fats were playing straight pool in 'The Hustler')


As a general rule, if I'm not training or doing business related stuff, I can usually be found either at a cafe with friends, at a cinema, on a table at Kings (the best pool hall in Melbourne), or in transit between any of the above.

And last - but far from least ... my other coat is a Browncoat.


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